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Yemeni parl't resumes sessions in Hadhramaut

ADEN, April 13 (KUNA) -- Yemen's House of Representatives resumed its sessions in Seiyun city, Hadhramaut governorate, on Saturday after a four-year suspension forced by the fall of Sanaa in the hands of the Houthi militias. The 145 MPs, present, elected Sultan Al-Borkani as parliament speaker and his three deputies. Thirty-four out of the total 301 MPs died over the last years, thus bringing down the quorum needed to convene a session.

Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, opening today's session, highlighted the role of the parliament in enhancing the authority and legitimacy of constitutional institutions.
Hadi said the Yemeni people have restored today one of the key institutions and their legitimate rights.
He added that holding the House of Representatives means that the destructive Houthi project is eroded day after day.
He called on MPs to assume their legislative and regulatory role in backing the executive authority to restore the state and end the coup as well as disclose its crimes. Meanwhile, Al-Borkani called on the Houthis group to resort to peace, abandon violence and turn into a political component to exercise its rights in line with the constitution, the outcomes of the national dialogue and the international law.
Hadi's deputy Ali Mohsen Saleh, Maeen Abdulmalik and President of Arab Parliament Mishal Al-Salami as well as ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and South Korea attended the session. (end) sna.mmj.hm