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Germany and Ukraine war.. From hesitancy to supplying tanks to Kiev

By Abdulnasser Jubara BERLIN, Feb 2 (KUNA) -- It is very clear that Germany is against the Russian military operations in the Ukraine, which reverberated across the world, causing serious political and economic ramifications.
Despite earlier hesitation to provide outright military assistance to the Kiev, Berlin took the decision recently to send heavy tanks and weaponry to aid the Ukrainians against the Russian military assault.
On January 24, media sources indicated that the German government had finally decided to offer heavy weaponry to Ukraine.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged several western governments to provide such assistance since the conflict began in February of 2022.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz agreed officially on January 25 to send heavy weaponry to the Ukraine after pressure from Kiev, western countries and the German coalition government.
On January fifth, Germany -- in a joint statement with the US -- announced that both countries would provide tanks to the Ukraine.
The governments of both the UK and France also announced that they would send tanks and other weaponry to counter the Russian assault.
The Ukraine revealed that on January ninth, Russia had carried out strategic military strikes in the Donbas region, an operation that ignited German discussions over supply the Ukraine with arms.
On January 26, Russia considered that all of the western pledges to supply the Ukraine with arms as a non-direct military participation in the ongoing war.
After several western announced their decision to supply tanks to the Ukraine, President Zelensky and his government are calling now on the west to offer further assistance via offering fighter jets such as the F-16, F-35, and Tornado to the war efforts against Russia.
While France, yesterday, expressed that it was considering sending fighter jets to the Ukraine, Chancellor Scholz evaded press questions on the matter during his tour of Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.
Whether Berlin would supply the Ukraine with fighter jets remain to be seen; however, if one took the dramatic shift on the tank issue, it is still plausible that Germany and western allies would take a similar action.
The most dreaded question would be if that such steps would lead Europe in a direct confrontation with Russia. (end) anj.gta