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Results of Municipal Council elections 2022

KUWAIT, May 21 (KUNA) -- The Judges of the main committees in charge of the Municipal council election 2022 announced on Saturday the results of winners for the 13th Legislative session in Kuwait's eight constituencies on Saturday.
The Judges announced 10 winners and members of the new municipal council on Kuwait State Television, and they are: The winner in the first constituency is Hasan Kamal with 2,755 of the votes.
The winner in the second constituency Abdullah Al-Mehri with 4,331 of the votes.
The winner in the third constituency is Fahad Al-Abduljader with 2,510 of the votes.
The winner in the fourth constituency is Saud Al-Kanderi with 5,561 of the votes.
The winner in the fifth constituency is Nasser Al-Jadaan with 5,681 of the votes.
The winner in the sixth constituency is Fuhaid Al-Muwaizri with 5,235 of the votes.
The winner in the eighth constituency is Abdullah Al-Enezi with 9,893 of the votes.
The winner in the ninth constituency is Nasser Al-Kafeef, who won the municipality seat after winning 13,401 of the votes.
Candidates in the seventh and 10th constituencies won an automatic victory due to being the only nominated candidates in their constituencies, in accordance with local laws governing the voting process.
They are Khaled Al-Mutairi in the seventh constituency, and Nassar Al-Azmi in the 10th constituency.
The four year membership of the municipal council consist of 16 members, 10 of them gets elected based on 35-1962 law, while six members gets appointed by a decree within 15 days from announcing the results of the election.
Earlier, the Municipal Council elections closed at precisely 8:00pm at polling centres throughout Kuwait's eight voting constituencies ahead of the counting of votes.
Some 36 hopefuls, including one woman, threw their hat in for the role, some of whom will be ushered in by 438,283 registered voters. (Pick up previous) mb