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Kuwait MoI's in full gear for new school year

Kindergarten students
Kindergarten students
KUWAIT, Sept 7 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Ministry of Interior is in full gear for the start of the new school year 2019-20, launching a media campaign and deploying police forces to ensure safety of students and facilitate traffic.
The MoI will distribute patrol vehicles on highways, major roads and intersections as well as deploy police forces at entrances and exits of schools to make sure cars move smoothly, according to a statement by the ministry's Public Relations and Security Media Department on Saturday.
It added that timings of traffic lights would be adjusted according to flow of cars in order to reduce congestions.
The MoI called on people to leave their homes as early as possible in the morning in order to avoid traffic congestions, which would ultimately minimize accidents.
It urged drivers to wear seat belts, abide by speed limits and never pass a red light, and refraining from using the emergency lane in highways unless in emergency cases, never park in parking lots of people with special needs nor parking in front schools' gates.
Thousands of students will resume school tomorrow Sunday.
Ministry of Education announced readiness for the new year, affirming that class rooms and all facilities were ready. (end) aat.bs