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Iraq suspends PMF activities, integrates it with nat'l army

BAGHDAD, July 1 (KUNA) -- Iraq's Prime Minister Adel Abdulmahdi ordered on Monday suspension of all economic activities for the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), in addition to shutting down all its headquarters in the country.
Abdulmahdi also ordered, in an official decree, to make PMF an indivisible part of the country's national armed forces under the command of the army's commander-in-chief.
He also obliged PMF units to replace their formation titles with the official military titles such as squad, brigade, and troop, adding that their staff would also carry same military ranks as in the national armed forces.
The Iraqi Premier also ordered the popular mobilization units and personnel to cut all ties with their political and military affiliations.
As for armed units that do not wish to join the national army, Abdulmahdi indicated they could become political organizations, under the new decree, subjected to the law of parties and regulations of political and societal action, adding they would be banned from carrying unlicensed arms.
The new decree also said that PMF would be assigned with same military camps, infantry squads as the national army's, and be subjected to same system of battles as well.
PMF must comply with the new decree and implement its items no later than July 31, the Iraqi Premier said, adding a date is to be determined for PMF's new structure and administrations. (end) ahh.ma