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Bab Mansour iconic gate in Meknes, Morocco

Bab Mansour iconic gate in Meknes, Morocco.
Bab Mansour iconic gate in Meknes, Morocco.

(Photo-feature by Jamal Al-Nuwaief)

RABAT, June 15 (KUNA) -- Bab Mansour is an iconic gate in the Moroccan city of Meknes, which is fortified with walls spanning 40 kilometers interspersed with a series of towers and doors east of the Old City, surrounded by the foothills of Atlas and Zerhoun Mountains.
The outskirts of Meknes, known as the City of Walls, are linked to a geometrical layout of four sides with historic and modern doors topped by towers reinforced with shields to protect the facilities distributed inside them, such as religious and cultural centers.
Bab Mansour, renovated by Sultan Abdulla bin Ismail, is the most prominent of these doors as it was decorated with engravings and inscriptions carved on multicolored ceramics and mosaics with huge scales, most notably an eight-meter-high opening. (end) jn.aa