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Fiber optics essential part of Kuwait's smart cities' projects, 2035 vision

By Salem Al-Methin

KUWAIT, Jan 7 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait has set plans to use fiber optic networks as an essential part of developing smart cities in the country as well as aiding the state's development scheme "Vision 2035".
Fiber optics applications could be used in various domains especially within the development of telecommunication, the internet, and Information Technology (IT).
The main focus of fiber optics in Kuwait is to establish a link between Kuwaiti residential areas as well as public and private entities.
The Ministry of Communication is handling the installation of the fiber optic networks via a three-phase process. Currently there are around 122 housing units benefiting from fiber optics in the first two phases, while future plans will include around 120 housing units in various governorates.
Speaking to KUNA on the issue, Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) Qusai Al-Shatti said that fiber optics technology was an important tool to measure the success of any given economy.
Fiber optics would be a vital tool in utilizing the "internet of things", a term describing the use of internet in every tool an aspect of life, said Al-Shatti, affirming that this concept was part of Vision 2035.
The internet of things will streamline governmental services and fiber optics will be the door to carry out such an ambitious plan, indicated the official.
On the nitty-gritty of fiber optics, expert Hajaj Bukhdhoor said that in essence, the material used in fiber optics allowed for fast transportation of information whether wired or otherwise.
It also consumes less power, he said, adding that fiber optics was used in various products other than communication-based technologies.
On her part, Dalal Yaqoub - an owner of a small enterprise - stressed that her use of fiber optics had help her business immensely.
Broadly, fiber optics had boosted Kuwait's development index within the telecommunication and IT domain, which in turn would reflect positively on local businesses and the economy of the country as a whole, she said.
Reflecting a similar attitude, both Abdulaziz Habib and Ziyad Al-Banwan said that fiber optics are integral for the develop of communication and the internet in Kuwait, affirming that it was a priority for Kuwait to continue its plans to spread networks throughout the country. (end) skm.gta