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Kuwait demands Swiss criminalization of defamation of religions

GENEVA, Sept 24 (KUNA) -- On behalf of Arab and Islamic countries, the State of Kuwait demanded Switzerland take action and support efforts at the United Nations to criminalize defamation of prophets and religions, after repeated acts of offense against the Prophet Mohammad and Islam without much repercussion or punishment.
This came during a meeting Monday morning which gathered the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Switzerland and dean of the diplomatic corps in the country Dr. Suhail Khalil Shehaibar and the Saudi Ambassador and dean of the Islamic countries group Hazim Karktli, among other diplomats, with Switzerland's Assistant Secretary for the Middle East and North Africa Amadeus Brulhart.
"In our discussions with our host, we stressed that in a world which champions individual and civilian rights, first and foremost freedom of expression and of religious belief, we have no deterrents to defamation of religious figures and religions or protection against insulting religious sensitivities and sentiment.
"This is why, day after day, we see people making light of abusing prophets and faiths without any fear of consequence, we explained," said the ambassador.
"We accordingly demanded more effort be exerted at the United Nations to criminalize any such abuse and we asked for the Swiss Federation's support in this regard during the 67th UN General Assembly, currently in session in New York, as soon as the relevant documents are ready in their final draft text." Dr. Shehaibar said the Swiss side showed complete understanding of the Arab and Islamic view, and the assistant secretary said his government is willing to consider any proposal the Arab and Islamic group wishes to put before the UN assembly and take appropriate measures.(end) ta.wsa KUNA 241247 Sep 12NNNN