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IAEA has no evidence on Iran''s building nuclear arms - ElBaradei

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, May 19 (KUNA) -- Mohammad El-Baradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said here Monday the UN nuclear watchdog has no evidence proving that Iran was building a nuclear bomb, but affirmed that the Iranian nuclear file was part of security of region.
"We are saying that (we have no evidence about Iran's manufacturing of nuclear bomb) and we can't know the intentions of Iran in future," El-Baradei addressed a World Economic Forum's (WEF) session about new strategies to achieve stability.
He said the Arab countries must cooperate to tackle problems in the Middle East without foreign interference.
He said the Arab-Israeli conflict, which has been over 60 years old now, was the core issue of Middle East troubles.
Egyptian foreign minister Ahmad Abul Gheit, meanwhile, said Iran was not the sole country possessing nuclear capabilities.
He said ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, as well as establishing Palestinian and Israeli state was in the hands of the Jewish state.
Abul Gheit criticized the further building of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian territories even after the US-sponsored Annapolis conference. (end) kz.bs KUNA 192042 May 08NNNN