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Municipal official in Kirkuk, assassinated

ARBIL, Nov 23 (KUNA) -- Unknown gunmen shot dead a municipal official of Al-Riyadh district, southwest of Iraqi city of Kirkuk, where a booby-trapped body was found Friday.
"The militants on a speeding car gunned down Khamis Rawdhan Selim - member of Al-Riyadh municipal council," chief constable of Kirkuk districts Brigadier Sarhad Qader told KUNA here.
"The attack took place on Kirkuk-Riyadh highway, near Treitar village, southwest Kirkuk," he pointed out.
"In a separate attack, gunmen kidnapped Samir Taha Youssef, an Iraqi citizen, in Al-Nasr District, downtown Kirkuk," Qader added.
Meanwhile, police forces found, during the security operation underway in Kirkuk province, a suspicious car left on Rashad-Zaghiton road Friday evening.
They called in explosive exerts who verified that the car was a booby trap, Brigadir Qader revealed.
The experts found two explosive charges and three bottles of gas along with the body of unknown person inside the car.
The bomb experts carried out a controlled detonation of the car and moved the remnants of the body to Al-Rashad Police Station, he pointed out.
The Iraqi security services, backed by the Multi-National Forces, carried a crackdown against Nahrawan area in Al-Riyadh district this midday and arrested four terror suspects there, Qader added. (end) sbr.gb.
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