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Arab Planning institute launches leading businesses program's 2nd phase in Lebanon

BEIRUT, May 20 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait-headquartered Arab Planning Institute has launched the second phase of the "the national program for disseminating the culture of leading businesses" in the northern city of Tripoli for backing up human resources.
Karim Darwish, the head of the API administrative apparatus, said in remarks to KUNA on Tuesday that the activity was opened with the training course, "your small venture from a notion to operation and development," involving 53 participants who represented 42 foundations, societies and colleges.
The program's first stage was launched in January during a visit by the API Director-General Dr. Abdullah Al-Shami to Beirut.
Moreover, Darwish indicated that the program aims at encouraging the youth to launch private businesses, start-ups and medium projects. It also boosts competition and innovation among the youngsters.
Toufic Dabbousi, the Chair of Tripoli and Lebanese Chamber, in a statement at start of the training course, lauded the institute for encouraging initiatives and enterprises.
His remarks were echoed by Abdulrazzaq Al-Qarhani, the chair of "dar al-ilm and Ulemaa," noting that such activities contribute to re-developing Lebanon. (end) ayb.rk