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Minister Al-Mashaan: Kuwaiti women partners in the country's development

Minister Al-Mashaan: Kuwaiti women partners in the country's development
By Abdullah Al-Enezi KUWAIT, May 16 (KUNA) -- Minister of Public Works and Minister of Municipality Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan highlighted Thursday role of Kuwaiti women as a partner in the construction of modern Kuwait, development and paving the democratic path.
Minister Al-Mashaan made these remarks to KUNA on the occasion of the Kuwaiti Women Day, stating that they have proven their determination, ability and influence across a variety of fields.
The constitution has guaranteed the rights of women both politically and socially, without discriminating between male and female citizens, remarked the Minister.
Late Amir's Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah's initiative of granting women political rights stemmed from his belief in role of women in development, and in appreciation for their heroic role during Iraqi invasion and occupation of Kuwait.
Kuwaiti women overcame obstacles and hardships to accomplish impressive feats on regional and international levels, becoming pioneers in development, Al-Mashaan commented adding that this was not in a spur of a moment but predated the discovery of oil.
June 12, 2005 ushered in a new era for Kuwaiti women as Dr. Masouma Al-Mubarak was appointed as the country's first female minister.
Furthermore, women succeeded in many positions of leadership including; minister, undersecretary, university president, ambassador, democratically elected representative or even in the judicial authority.
Success stories also extended to the private sector with women chairing large corporations, and getting listed in international strong personalities lists.
The Minister affirmed political leadership's intent on empowering women, and providing support in various fields to ensure active participation.
Minister Al-Mashaan highlighted recent win by Dr. Reem Al-Shammari who won the Arab woman cybersecurity award, saying that this is but one of many examples, but sacrifices of Kuwaiti women during invasion remains at the helm. (end) aa.aai