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Kuwait Relief Society signs deal to dispatch 3rd Gaza relief ship to enclave

By Salman Al-Mutairi KUWAIT, April 21 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Relief Society on Sunday signed a third executive contract with the Turkish humanitarian relief authority and human rights and freedoms (IHH), worth USD four million, to dispatch the third "Gaza ship" to the strip to relieve the war-beleagured population.
The cairperson of the Kuwaiti society, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Saleh, said in a statement to KUNA, during the signing ceremony, that the contract is part of the "Gaza ship" donations sent by the association to relieve the Gazans.
He has indicated that in addition to the Kuwaiti society, more than 30 Kuwaiti associations, private and government establishments have contributed to the assistance since start of the aggression on the enclave.
Al-Saleh said 1.650 tons of the dispatched supplies, including food, blankets and clothes, would be dispatched by the Kuwaiti Relief Society.
The third relief ship is scheduled to set sail from a Turkish port and reach Egypt by May, he said, indicating that the cargo would be unloaded and loaded in trucks that would continued the trip to Gaza by land. (end) slm.rk