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Kuwaiti figures: Dubai's World Gov't Summit "important" in achieving sustainable development

Novelist and journalist Saud Al-Sanousi
Novelist and journalist Saud Al-Sanousi
By Salem Al-Methen DUBAI, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti academic, media and literary figures affirmed on Tuesday at the World Government Summit in Dubai the importance of this international event in enhancing cooperation between institutions and sectors to achieve sustainable development and improve quality of living around the world.
They told KUNA, on the sideline of the 11th Session of the summit, that this event was a vital platform that gathered many officials and experts, in which enhances international cooperation.
Dr. Mohammad Al-Rumaihi said, "Today's attendance at this summit was aimed mainly at expanding participants' prospects and raising the level of knowledge and qualification to keep abreast of recent developments in the world" Al-Rumaihi added, "We learned about immense and unprecedented information on Technological advances that may lead to a radical shift in how societies and economies operate, and it is called the 5th Industrial Revolution "Artificial Intelligence" (AI)." He indicated that AI would play an important role in solving many humanitarian problems in the future, so the challenges that were associated with AI applications must be taken into account and ensuring to use it correctly. On his part, Waled Al-Nusif -- Al-Qabas newspaper the Editor-in Chief -- pointed out that the discussions that been held during the summit were crucial.
He added that conferees addressed critical issues related to technology, innovation and sustainable development and he expressed his prudent optimism in building a better future.
The Kuwaiti novelist and journalist Saud Al-Sanousi said, one of the most important thing for the Summit is; its attraction of guests from several disciplines.
Minister of Finance, and Minister of State for Economic affairs and Investments Dr. Anwar Ali Al-Mudhaf, headed the Kuwaiti delegation to the summit representing Kuwait's Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah Moreover, the Director General of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Dr. Fatma Al-Salem participated in the summit along with Chairman of Kuwait's Civil Service Commission (CSC) Dr. Essam Al-Rubaian and other top officials. (end) skm.zhm