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Blinken assures US keen on GCC security

Foreign ministers of Gulf Arab states and US Secretary meeting
Foreign ministers of Gulf Arab states and US Secretary meeting
RIYADH, June 7 (KUNA) -- US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday assured his country's commitment to continue helping facilitate the security and stability of the GCC.
During his meet with the GCC ministerial council, Blinken said the region is of grave importance to Washington, pointing to his nation's continued efforts to strengthen relations as part of its diplomatic policies agenda.
He also mentioned that the GCC is enthralled with deep-rooted relations with the US and are able to overcome all hindrances, while also stressing the need to coordinate and cooperate on issues like food security, renewable energy, and climate change.
The Iranian agenda is being pragmatically examined, added Blinken, as the nuclear program continues to be closely monitored.
The crisis in Yemen and Syria needs to be addressed with a political solution to end the conflicts in order to pave way for peace and security in the region, he added.
On the Palestinian issue, he also mentioned his nation is working on a consensual solution that could end the ongoing Palestinian - Israeli conflict. (Pickup previous) kns.mmj.aq