Today in Kuwait's History : 25/09/2022

KUWAIT, Sept 25 (KUNA) --

1990 -- The UN Security Council adoped resolution 670 during a foreign minister-level meeting, imposing a tight air embargo on Iraq; Kuwait banned passenger and cargo flights to Iraq.
2005 -- Kuwait Society of Engineers joined membership of International Association of Project Managers during the 18th IAPM meeting in Paris.
2012 -- The Ministry of Communication put a cap of KD 48 for the fees of home subscriptions charged by internet service providers.
2012 -- Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) inked a loan agreement with Egypt to the tune of KD 17 million (nearly USD 60 million) to finance phase II of the natural gas network project.
2014 -- Kuwait female athletes took part in the 17th Asian Games for the first time by contesting the triathlon competitions.
2018 -- Author Ismail Fahad Ismail passed away at age 78. He was a pioneer novelist and wrote for radio and television. Ismail was a literature critic and also member in both the Arab writers federation and the Kuwait Writers Association (KWA). (end) gta