Today in Kuwait's History : 23/09/2023

KUWAIT, Sept 23 (KUNA)

1976 -- The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah issues a decree-into-law stipulating that motorists must obtain a diving license or face penalty.
1990 -- The Iraqi regime declares during its occupation of Kuwait withdrawing all Kuwaiti banknotes swapping each Kuwaiti dinar for an Iraqi dinar.
2002 -- Kuwait takes chairmanship of the International Atomic Energy Agency for the 2002-2003 mandate.
2005 -- The Kuwaiti tennis player Mohammad Al-Gharib wins the Arab tournament, the first such victory at the Gulf level.
2020 -- The renewable energy program of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research wins a patent for its invention; measuring impact of dust and pollutants on solar cells.
2020 -- Kuwait Club wins the basketball league trophy for the sports season (2019-2020), beating Al-Qadsiya 17-88. (end) ag