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1972 -- Zaid Al-Harb, a renowned poet who was among the first to demand gender equality, passed away at 85.
1977 -- A ground satellite station in Umm Al-Aish began transmission. The station could transmit 246 stations.
1987 -- Kuwait Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah patronized opening of Yusuf Al-Marzouq and Lulwa Al-Nassar Islamic Medical Center at Al-Sabah medical area.
1991 -- Iraqi forces began bombing oil wells in State of Kuwait in order to derail advancement of allied forces into Kuwait, and an attempt to create scorch land when they retreat. The Iraqi forces deliberately bombed and destroyed 732 wells.
1999 -- Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) announced discovery of high quality light crude oil at Kraa' Al-Maro II field, with a production capacity of 1,800 barrels per day (bpd).
2006 -- Kuwait national team won the Asian Handball Cup for the fourth time in its history after beating South Korea 33-29 in the final held in Thailand.
2007 -- Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) opened its 54,000-square-meter marine reserves, the largest in the Middle East, south of Ahmadi City.
2008 -- Kuwait government approved KD 120 social allowance for Kuwaitis in public sector, and KD 50 salary increase for non-Kuwaitis.
2008 -- Faisal Sultan Bin Essa Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center opened at Al-Sabah medical area. The KD-15-million center aimed at upgrading health care for cancer patients.
2010 -- Kuwait Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah signed a law to establish the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). The independent authority, supervised by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, has a mandate of regulating stock market in a fair and transparent manner.
2010 -- Kazakhstan won the first international police shooting championship, held in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti team came fourth.
2016 -- The Arab League's Investment Court elected Justice Essam Al-Saddani, of State of Kuwait, as chairman for a three-year term. The court examined investment disputes among Arab countries and investors.
2018 -- Kuwait Interior Ministry announced arrival of two H-225 Helicopters from France, part of the ministry's plans to upgrade capabilities and services.
2018 -- Kuwait Interior Ministry won the best electronic passport award at an international conference dubbed: The High Security Printing Europe, Middle East and Africa, which was held in Warsaw, Poland.
2022 -- Kuwait Airways signed a USD six billion agreement with Airbus for 31 planes, part of the company's plans to upgrade its fleet. (end) bs