Today in Kuwait's History : 17/09/2021

KUWAIT, Sept 17 (KUNA)

1986 -- A Kuwaiti oil tanker came under attack at sea 35 nautical miles from Al-Khafji in southern Kuwait, causing a fire on one of its storage tanks 1993 -- The international committee on the demarcation of Kuwaiti-Iraqi borders completes its mission.
2001 -- The Health Ministry launches the e-file project across health clinics in Kuwait.
2013 -- Kuwait and the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization sign an agreement on the management of a radionuclide plant in Kuwait.
2013 -- The Kuwaiti Tadamoun Sporting Club comes first in an Asian weightlifting championship in North Korea.
2018 -- Kuwait Oil Company makes history by producing 500 million tons of cubic feet of natural gas and around 175,000 barrels of light oil per day. (end) mt