About Kuna

B) Editorial Sector

This consists of:

1. Editorial Department.
2. Information and Research Centre.
3. KUNA Center for Photographic Services.
4. Coordination and Follow-Up Office.

1. Editorial Department

This consists of:


- Local Affairs.

- International Affairs.

- Arabic news affairs.

- English news Affairs.

- Multimedia editing Affairs.

- Economic news Affairs.


The Editorial Department receives news from its bureaus and correspondents operating within Kuwait and abroad, alongside various international sources. The news is then edited in both Arabic and English followed by its transmission to KUNA subscribers, including newspapers, newswires, institutions and individuals. KUNA also broadcasts analyses, reports, surveys and local and international feature stories.

2. The Information and Research Centre

This consists of:

A) Information Section.
B) Research Section.
C) Translation Section.
D) Library.

The Information Section gathers information from different international sources, classifies it into files and carries out the electronic indexing of KUNA’s Arabic bulletin. The Research Section writes reports on different local and international issues. The Translation Section translates the most important reports and research into Arabic, while the Library provides employees with books, magazines and monthly and quarterly periodicals.

3. The KUNA Center for Photographic Services

This department provides photographic coverage of various local and international occasions, and supplies local and international media with photographs.

4. The Coordination and Follow-Up Office

This department carries out a professional evaluation  of KUNA’s Arabic and English bulletins, and presents proposals for their development.