CAIRO, May 19 (KUNA) -- The Arab League stressed the importance of unified military terminology and symbols in easing joint operations and training, as well as strengthening Arab military work and unifying military visions and doctrines among Arab countries.
This came in a speech by the Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Arab Affairs and National Security Sector at the Arab League, Ambassador Khalil Al-Thawadi, during the 64th symposium of the Committee for the Unification of Military Terminology and Concepts.
The committee began its work Sunday, and will be held over a period of 12 days chaired by Iraq, with participation from delegations representing the armed forces of Arab countries.
Al-Thawadi noted that this symposium comes as a continuation of the previous symposiums, and based on the recommendations of the 63rd symposium where the current topic was agreed upon.
The symposium topic being to study military symbols of the air force, air defense, weapons of mass destruction, signals, information systems, and joint supply (supply - transportation - medical services).
He explained that the symposium aims to unify these terms and add them to the dictionary of military terminology that includes all symbols, abbreviations and military terms used in Arab armed forces up to the year 2024. (end) mfm.res