KUWAIT, May 18 (KUNA) -- Voters started heading to the polls early on Saturday to cast ballots for the scheduled municipal by-elections in a process due between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Kuwait local time.

 The voting began as scheduled, at 8 a.m., for electing two members of the Municipal Council in the 13th legislative term.
Ten nominees are as contesting for the vacant seat in the sixth constituency and eight for the seat in the 9th district.
The polling is held with 194 electoral committees hosted by 26 schools, against the backdrop of a declaration by the Municipal Council on April 22, declaring vacancy of the two seats that had been occupied by the former members Nasser Al-Kafif and Fehaid Al-Muwaizri The Ministry of Interior has declared that voters should present the original identity certificate and declared a hotline (1889888) for any inquiry or help on part of the electorate throughout the process.
It also declared that information about the voting stations and registration are available on the government electronic website Sahel.
According to the MoI statement, the candidate must be a Kuwaiti citizen according to the Amiri Decree 15 (1959) regarding the nationality law, along with amended legislations. The nominee's name must be included in the electoral lists, must master the Arabic language, aged no less than 30 with no criminal records.
The two municipal seats had been declared vacant after the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior addressed reports to the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs with respect to affirming that Al-Kafif had been acquitted of a verdict and Al-Muwaizri registered as a candidate for the parliament elections 2024. (end) tms.rk