MUSCAT, May 15 (KUNA) -- United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres underscored Wednesday necessity of ending the war in Gaza and arriving at the two-state solution, granting Palestine full sovereignty over its lands.
Speaking to Oman News Agency (ONA), Guterres said: "The UN spares no effort to mobilize all resources and capacities to serve the population in Gaza amidst tragic and extremely difficult conditions," He appealed to states with influence to open crossing points to guarantee flow of humanitarian aid, underlining necessity of adopting immediate ceasefire.
On the efforts to grant Palestine full UN membership, Guterres noted the challenges facing the UN of divisions and geopolitical developments.
He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Sultan Haitham bin Tareq for the extraordinary partnership between Oman and the UN, describing Oman as a "peace builder" in the region.
He hailed Oman's efforts in de-escalation and alleviating tensions promoting regional security. (pickup previous) nfo.aai