CAIRO, May 15 (KUNA) -- Arab League reiterated on Wednesday the importance of responding to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza following unprecedented escalation affecting families, and the need to provide aid and protection for the Palestinians who are witnessing a genocide.
In commemoration of the "International Day of Families" the Arab League said in a statement that family issues hold an important place and has a priority over other matters.
It stressed that the modern shift that is trying to change the traditional "family unit" will be rejected, in accordance with Arab human rights charter article 16.
They emphasized the significance of the "family unit" as the bedrock and foundation for society, and its role in guiding and shaping the future generations.
The statement also mentioned that part of the preparations for the 30th commemoration of the International Day of Families the Arab League, under the guidance of the UN is organizing activities revolving around exchanging knowledge on the demographic, technological, and modernisation changes affecting the family. (end)