CAIRO, May 15 (KUNA) -- On the 76th anniversary of the Nakba (Palestinian Catastrophe), the Arab League called on the United Nations Security Council, Wednesday to take necessary actions to stop the Israeli occupation's war against Palestinians. In a statement underscoring the Nakba's 76th anniversary, the Arab League affirmed the need for the Security Council to intervene legally and ethically to put an end to the Palestinian crisis, implementing and preserving peace regionally and globally.
Achieving peace would require the international community to reach an unbiased and unprejudiced decision concerning the humanitarian crisis taking place in Gaza by the Israeli occupation, the statement reiterated.
Meanwhile, the 1948 Nakba anniversary coincides with the current Palestinian genocide in Gaza by the hands of the Israeli occupation since October 2023, leaving more than 120,000 Palestinians killed, injured or missing, added the statement.
The Arab League warned that the Israeli occupation's brutality and aggression is not only focused in Gaza, but in the occupied West Bank where Palestinians had been facing mass arrests, forced displacement, killings, and destructions of their homes.
While the Israeli occupation forces commit atrocities, Israeli illegal settlers were terrorizing and taunting Palestinian civilians, adding to the crimes against humanities directed towards Palestinians.
The Arab League reaffirmed the importance of international organizations and institutions responsible for human rights and justice in their role to protect and support Palestinians facing massacres by the Israeli occupation.
Palestine, the Arab League said, should become a sovereign state with East Jerusalem as its capital.
Moreover, the League condemned the Israeli occupation's war on Gaza, calling on the international community to intercede for humanitarian and medical relief to enter the Gaza Strip.
May 15 marks the 76th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which resulted in the massacring and forced displacement of Palestinians by Zionist terrorist groups to establish the Israeli occupation. (end)