RIYADH, May 15 (KUNA) -- The Arab Forum of Anti-Corruption Agencies and Financial Intelligence Units is scheduled to kick off in Saudi capital, Riyadh later on Wednesday, with Kuwait's participation from the Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) and Kuwait Financial Intelligence Unit (KwFIU).
Chairman of the Kuwaiti Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim, and the Acting Head of the Kuwaiti Financial Intelligence Unit, Hanadi Bo Hamed, were due to partake in the event.
The forum would host around 600 experts and 75 speakers, representing financial intelligence units, anti-corruption authorities, government agencies, international organizations, as well as local bodies, alongside international and academic institutions.
The forum, due to conclude on Thursday, would focus on building future-ready capabilities and enhancing cooperation between stakeholders to combat financial crime, money laundering and terrorist financing in the Middle East and North Africa.
Designed to establish a clear path to impactful collaboration between Saudi Arabian agencies, counterpart organizations, and regional as well as international bodies in the fight against financial crime, the forum is a strategic, action-focused gathering, as it is designed to spearhead the adaptation and preparedness of institutions for future challenges.
Moreover, it serves not only as an occasion for dialogue but also as a platform for initiating concrete initiatives and outcomes. (end) knsh.sm