JEDDAH, May 14 (KUNA) - The State of Kuwait is an active partner in supporting ALECSO programs, said Acting Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education, Mansour Al-Daihani Tuesday.
This came in remarks to KUNA by Al-Daihani during his participation in the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) 121st executive council meeting in Jeddah, led by Saudi Arabia.
Al-Daihani praised the efforts of the cooperating Arab nations in holding meetings periodically and shedding light on what needs to be seen regarding the cultural and educational standards.
Al-Daihani expressed his gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their efforts in organizing the meeting, which saw the participation of 22 Arab countries.
Part of the agenda is taking an important step to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which led to the destruction of countless schools, educational institutes, and infrastructure, said, Al-Daihani.
He also pointed to Kuwait's history with ALESCO mentioning some prominent examples in which Kuwait played a crucial role including projects in Somalia, Jerusalem, and others.
For his part, the Chairman of the Executive Board of ALECSO, Hani Al-Muqbil, spoke about the painful circumstances Palestinians are going through in his speech, rejecting the occupation and the forced displacement of Gazans.
He stressed ALESCO's condemnation of the war that claimed the lives of thousands of civilians and destroyed hospitals, places of worship, infrastructures, schools, and institutions.
Al-Muqbil revealed that any action made or will be made by the government to the Executive Board would not be a coincidence or protocol, but rather a future vision that was planned to strengthen Arab ranks and reinforce principles to ensure their success when faced with a challenge.
Dr. Mohammad Ould Amar, the General Director of ALECSO, expressed his hope at the meeting that this will be a milestone that enhances the role and status of the organization to continue its mission with efficiency.
In addition to Al-Daihani, the Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti National Committee for Education, Science and Culture, Ali Dashti, was part of the Kuwaiti delegation participating in the meeting.
Jeddah will host the 121st session of the Executive Council of ALECSO, on Tuesday and Wednesday, in addition to the General Conference of ALECSO in its 27th session on May 17 of this year. (end)