Photo-feature by Kholood Al-Enezi

MANAMA, May 14 (KUNA) -- In a scene that reflects Arab's solidarity and unity, streets of the Kingdom of Bahrain were decorated with banners titled "Arab leaders welcome to Bahrain of harmony, love and peace." The banners featured photos of Arab leaders and some with the phrase "Welcome to Bahrain Arabism" as Bahrain is hosting the 33rd Arab League summit.
The logo of Bahrain Summit is round shaped and features a ring carrying a traditional Bahraini architectural pattern, in addition to a mother of pearl backdrop, for which Bahrain has been famous throughout the ages.
The logo is framed by an outer ring in a golden color, which symbolizes Bahraini gold that is renowned for its quality.
The font used in the logo is Arabic font 'Thuluth' (an Islamic-Arabic calligraphy font) in a red color, representing Bahrain's flag. (end)