KUWAIT, May 13 (KUNA) -- On the eve of the 61st anniversary of joining the UN, Kuwait on Monday commended the decades-long fruitful relations with the international organization and affirmed commitment for taking this partnership to new high levels in the coming years.
"As we celebrate the passing of over six decades since Kuwait's joining the United Nations, we reiterate commitment to steering relations with the UN toward broader prospects for cooperation in the coming years," Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Al-Yahya said in a statement on Monday.
He pointed out that His Highness the Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has affirmed Kuwait's keenness on retaining and upgrading the deeply-rooted relations with the UN during his reception of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday.
Minister Al-Yahya pointed since joining the United Nations on May 14, 1963, the State of Kuwait enjoyed a close partnership with the United Nations.
"Kuwait saw the United Nations as a safe haven to guarantee its rights and have its voice heard, and the appropriate forum to harness its active diplomacy in good international efforts," he said.
"In turn, the United Nations, from day one as well, saw the State of Kuwait as a reliable partner who loves goodness and peace, a supporter of multilateral international action, and a participant in the noble efforts and good offices of the UN within the framework of its three basic pillars: peace and security, sustainable development, and human rights," he clarified.
Minister Al-Yahya recalled the pivotal role of the UN in liberating Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation in 1991.
"This historical UN role has left an indelible memory in the minds of all Kuwaitis," he said, adding that Kuwait's liberation also has emerged as one of the most success stories of the UN intervention to establish and maintain international security and peace as part of its charter.
He shed light on Kuwait's national contributions to supporting the goals and objectives of the United Nations.
"During its membership in the Security Council for the periods 1978-1979 and 2018-2019, the State of Kuwait worked effectively with the other members to maintain international peace and security.
"In dealing with humanitarian crises, the State of Kuwait was and still is one of the first countries to support international humanitarian response plans to alleviate the suffering of the afflicted peoples." "On the development level, the role of the State of Kuwait is pioneering in supporting people and communities in order to achieve sustainable development," the minister said.
The Kuwaiti top diplomat emphasized that the UN and the international community can also count on the continued active and vital participation of Kuwaiti diplomacy in United Nations councils, committees and meetings, especially the United Nations General Assembly, as well as the Human Rights Council, as the State of Kuwait is a member of the Council for the period 2024-2026.
On Sunday, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received Sunday at Bayan Palace United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on the occasion of his visit to the country.
During the meeting, the two discussed the exemplary relations between Kuwait and the UN, mechanisms promoting further cooperation as well as efforts supporting international peace and security and coordination to achieve development and humanitarian initiatives. (end) ibi