RIYADH, April 27 (KUNA) -- The World Economic Forum meeting in Riyadh is a unique opportunity to redraw development paths in all countries and adopt a new international cooperation, said Saudi Minister of Economy Faisal F. Al-Ibrahim and Planning on Saturday.
The minister made the statement during the first news conference of the meeting of the forum, due in Riyadh on April 28-29 on Global Collaboration, Growth, and Energy for Development.
Al-Ibrahim said the global economic landscape is volatile and witnesses many challenges, and these challenges require a systemic shift and a fundamental re-evaluation of plans and policies.
آ The Saudi Vision 2030 is vital to local and cross-border tasks, he said, adding: "Eight years after its allocation, we have demonstrated our skills to lead the path toward an advanced growth model".
The World Economic Forum will kick off on April 28 in Riyadh in the presence of several heads of state and over 1,000 senior officials, international experts, opinion leaders, thinkers from the governmental and private sectors, international organizations, and academic institutions from 92 countries.
The event mainly aims to support global dialogue and find solutions to common global challenges in light of the complex economic turmoil and challenges destabilizing the world. (end) kns.ara