JEDDAH, April 24 (KUNA) -- The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab Parliament welcomed Wednesday Jamaica's recent decision to recognize the Palestinian state.
In a statement, the OIC said the step would help Palestinian people practice legitimate their rights, including the rights to return and the establishment of an independent state on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.
The OIC renewed its call for the world's countries to take the same step in support of international efforts aiming to achieve peace and stability in the region based on the two-state solution and relevant UN resolutions.
Meanwhile, the Arab Parliament said in a statement the step comes at a time when the Palestinian cause is going through a dangerous phase as Palestinians have been facing genocide committed Israeli occupation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
It renewed its call for countries to recognize the Palestinian state as soon as possible, urging international community and countries to stand with Palestinian people and their fair justice.
Earlier today, Jamaica announced recognition of the Palestinian state as Foreign Minister Kamina Smith said her country would continue supporting the two-state solution as the only solution for the long-standing conflict.
"Jamaica continues to advocate for a two-state solution as the only viable option to resolve the longstanding (Israeli-Palestinian) conflict, guarantee the security of Israel and uphold the dignity and rights of Palestinians," Smith added.
"By recognizing the State of Palestine, Jamaica strengthens its advocacy towards a peaceful solution," she added. (end)