KUWAIT, April 23 (KUNA) -- Chief of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, Jamal Al-Loughani, stated that the 25th conference on the fundamentals of the oil and gas industry addresses the accelerating developments in the field through directly and indirectly related issues.
Al-Loughani, inaugurating the conference on Tuesday, mentioned that it aims to highlight industry fundamentals and its various dimensions, sharpen employee skillsets as well as provide opportunities for participants' to strengthen professional relations.
The conference lectures' will be given out specialists from OAPEC, Kuwaiti Ministry of Oil, Arab Energy Fund and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR).
The three-day conference will provide an overview of the organization, as well as 11 lectures addressing, in a simplified manner, all administrative and technical topics concerning field employees.
The conference's first axis handles pre-production stage, while the second revolves around economic dimension of energy.
The third axis explores climate change negotiations and the fourth centers around role of media and its influence on the market.
The biennial conference, since its launch in 1976, has had the support and interest of OAPEC's ministerial council and its executive office. (end) km.aai