BRUSSELS, April 22 (KUNA) -- Belgian Foreign Minister Hajja Lahbib on Monday said "the time has come for the European Union to show itself clearly in the (Mideast) peace process and we are waiting for a preparatory conference for that." The minister stated, "It is not enough to call for a ceasefire, release the hostages, and deliver aid to Gaza while the killing continues." Lahbib, speaking to the press upon her arrival in Luxembourg to partake in the EU foreign ministers' meeting, added "We must not allow the United States to be the only player in the situation in Gaza," considering that "sanctions on violent settlers are not enough, and we must impose them on those who arm and defend them." She stressed that "recognition of a Palestinian state is a decisive step towards a two-state solution, and we are ready to welcome any initiative regarding that." (end) htms.rk