GAZA, April 21 (KUNA) -- The Palestinian Civil Defense announced on Sunday that its crew were able to recover the bodies of 150 martyrs in Khan Yunis City in Gaza during the past 24 hours.
The Palestinian Civil Defense stated in a press release that the bodies of 150 martyrs were recovered from mass graves and lots were decomposing bodies, while about 500 Palestinians are still missing after the Israeli occupation forces retreated from the city.
The Palestinian Civil Defense added that many people in Gaza disappeared and their places of detainment or burial is unknown, while dozens of bodies evaporated into ashes, they called on the international institutions to know the type of weapons.
The statement pointed out that the Israeli occupation used enforced disappearance against the people in Gaza in a systematic and deliberate manner, and killed many people before withdrawing from the city.
They added that the occupation forces gave safety to Palestinians and then killed those minutes later and carried out mass executions, most of the martyrs were women and children.
The statement stressed that what is happening in Gaza is ethnic cleansing carried out by the Israeli occupation army and that what is happening in Gaza has never happened before in history with never used before weapons. Regarding the displaced from northern Gaza, the Civil Defense stressed that it has registered many of the bodies as unknown after the occupation forces executed them.
The authorities in Palestine continue to search for martyrs under the rubble after great destruction befell the city. (end) wab.dss