CAIRO, April 20 (KUNA) -- The Israeli occupation has granted bids to "international companies" for oil and gas exploration in zones that are part of the Palestinian economic waters, according to a report.
Jordanian MP Ihsan Barakat, citing a report prepared by the Palestine Committee of the Arab Parliament during a session on Saturday, said the occupation submitted on October 29 six gas exploration licenses including three bids, covering vast zones of the Palestinian waters.
These bids include three breaches of the Palestinian economic waters, in line with internationally accredited demarcations, Barakat said, adding that 73 percent of a field that had been bidden by Israel is located within the Palestinian water zone, in addition to a second one, 62 percent, and a third field, five percent.
Palestine had officially joined the UN Convention of the Sea, after receiving the observer's capacity at the UN.
MP Barakat indicated that the Israeli occupation proceeded with the bids to seize the materials-rich Palestinian seabed while the world was preoccupied with the Gaza aggression.
Citing the report, the Jordanian legislator indicated that the UN maritime demarcation treaty had been granted to Palestine was three times larger than the zone demarcated by the occupation.
She also cited excerpts of a report by UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), affirming that the Palestinian marine zones are rich in oil and gas, noting that the Palestinians would have earned billions of US dollars had they been able to exploit these resources freely.
According to international law, Israel as an occupation power cannot invest in the regions under occupation. If they desire so, they must seek a settlement with the Palestinians directly or via arbitration. (end) mfm.rk