ISTANBUL, April 13 (KUNA) -- Turkish Ministry of Interior affirmed that one person died and 10 others injured on Friday in Antalya, after a Teleferik cable car collided with a broken pole, crashing in a rocky area Turkish Minister of Interior Ali Yerlikaya said that rescue team was able to evacuate 98 out of 160 people trapped in the airborne cabins as the cable car system stopped after the accident.
He stated on X platform that the rescue team managed to evacuate 98 people from 15 trapped airborne cabins, noting that the evacuation process included seven helicopters with night vision and more than 500 rescue workers including specialist mountaineers.
In a statement, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality President Muhittin Bocek said that the night vision helicopters were brought in to rescue 184 people trapped in the teleferic hanging cabins. (end) ta.seo