BAGHDAD, April 13 (KUNA) -- Iraq wants to build a sustainable partnership with the US based on mutual respect, and maintaining Iraq's security, sovereignty and territorial integrity, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Al-Sudani said in a speech aired by his media office prior to his visit to Washington on Saturday.
The aim of Al-Sudani's visit is to discuss bilateral relations, and some regional dossiers and the war in the besieged Gaza Strip, the office said.
The meeting with US President Joe Biden would focus on conditions in the region, escalation and the joint role played in making lull and avoiding spillover of the conflict, it added.
The gathering also will review the supreme military committee's action between Iraq and the international coalition aiming to reach a timetable to end the coalition's mission and move to bilateral relations with countries participating in the coalition, he noted.
The visit comes at a critical and sensitive time on the level of relations with the US, he said, referring to conditions in the region and the crimes committed in the Palestinian territories against innocents as well as fears of the spread of the scope of conflict.
Iraq seeks to move to a new phase of relations with the US that ensures activating the provisions of the strategic framework deal, in line with the government program focusing on financial and economic reforms, and partnerships with other countries across the globe, Al-Sudani pointed out.
In addition, the visit includes some meetings with a number of US ministers and senior officials, and the first gathering of the high coordinative committee.
The aim is to activate the strategic framework in energy, banking cooperation, transport, combating corruption, restoring Iraq's funds and other areas. (end)