KUWAIT, April 13 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Chairman Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer affirmed on Saturday the society's continuous efforts to improve humanitarian work, especially by training and equipping doctors to operate effectively in hostile and hazardous environments.
Dr. Al-Sayer spoke during the launch of a specialized training course for over 30 doctors and anesthesiologists, in collaboration with the David Nott Foundation, aiming to prepare them to support the Gaza Strip's collapsed medical sector lasting five days.
This collaboration signifies a crucial aspect of their dedication to consistent humanitarian efforts, he said, clarifying its goal to equip and train a group of doctors who have volunteered their time to acquire the necessary skills and experience to respond to medical emergencies in conflict zones.
This inaugural course in the Middle East shows the collective dedication to maintaining high medical care standards in challenging conditions, while also honoring the noble call to serve humanity through knowledge sharing, with the presence of Dr. David Nott, co-founder of the David Nott Foundation, symbolizing this dedication to ethical cooperation in their shared humanitarian mission.
On his side, Dr. Nott emphasized from his experience as a surgeon in disaster-stricken areas the importance of training and sharing information for handling medical cases during humanitarian crises, stating that this course aims to prepare participants for active involvement in wartime medical cases and various surgical procedures.
Dr. Nott witnessed the severe challenges during his time as a medical surgeon in Rafah city, southern Gaza, between January and February of this year, describing the dire humanitarian situation residents faced, including untreated medical cases, severe injuries, malnutrition, weakened immunity, and the influx of new patients needing immediate medical intervention.
The British training team brings extensive experience in field medical humanitarian work in disaster-stricken areas, with the mission to share expertise and experiences worldwide, including documentation of surgical procedures and optimal techniques for treating war injuries, he pointed out.
Dr. Nott advised participating doctors that their field experience would be crucial at this stage in their lives, urging them to strive for excellence for themselves, their team, and those they care for in that setting.
Meanwhile, Charge D'Affaires Sunny Ahmad commended the ongoing partnership between the UK and Kuwait in delivering medical aid to devastated areas, especially noting Kuwait's devotion to global humanitarian efforts by sending over 45 aid-laden aircrafts to Gaza, which has faced a humanitarian crisis due to Israeli attacks since last October seventh.
The David Nott Foundation, a British charity established in 2015, focuses on training doctors and medical teams to operate in areas facing shortages of medical supplies and equipment in regions affected by humanitarian conflicts or natural disasters. (end) yt.lr