VIENNA, April 12 (KUNA) -- Austria called on all nationals currently in Iran to depart the country on Friday.
A statement quoted by Austrian Press Agency said the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the announcement on the ministry's website.
"We warn against traveling to Iran and we call on Austrians to leave Iran," especially in the coming days, when risks can be expected to increase due to the current tense situation in the region," the statement said.
Austrian Airlines also announced the suspension of its flights to Tehran until at least next Thursday.
Lufthansa, the parent company that owns Austrian Airlines, also suspended its flights to and from Tehran after the German Foreign Ministry called on its citizens to leave Iran.
These measures come against the backdrop of growing tensions between Iran and Israel after Tehran announced an imminent retaliatory strike against Israel after the killing of senior Iranian leaders at the Iranian embassy in Damascus. (end) amq.mb