BRUSSELS, April 12 (KUNA) -- France, Germany and the EU will co-chair an International Humanitarian Conference for Sudan and the neighboring countries in Paris on April 15th.
A statement by the High Representative of European Union (EU) Josep Borrell said, "the EU is appalled by the unprecedented man-made calamity created by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and their respective affiliated militias since 15 April 2023." "One year into the conflict, the EU recalls its strong appeal on the warring parties for an immediate and durable ceasefire, as well as for the establishment of monitoring mechanism," the statement said.
"The magnitude of the conflict shows that silencing the guns is vital to put a halt to the destruction inflicted on the Sudanese people and the country," the statement added.
The EU continues to support regional and international mediation efforts, stressing the importance of coordination and coherence to bring peace to Sudan.
Sudan is now the epicenter of the largest displacement crisis in the world, within Sudan and the neighboring countries, especially affecting women and children.
Millions are fleeing because of the horrific onslaught caused by the warring parties, including ethnic cleansing, indiscriminate bombardment, sexual and gender-based violence, human trafficking, arbitrary detention, forced recruitment and looting.
Furthermore, the country is currently facing the worst hunger level ever recorded, affecting half of its total population, with a real risk of pushing millions into starvation during the upcoming lean season.
The EU reminds the warring parties of their obligation under international humanitarian law to protect civilians. Denying access to food, healthcare and relief items is a clear violation of international law, which may constitute war crimes.
The warring parties should honor their mutually agreed commitments in Jeddah to provide immediate, full, safe and unhindered access for life-saving humanitarian assistance, especially across frontlines and across borders.
Life-saving deliveries and operations should be devoid from bureaucratic and administrative impediments.
The EU applauds the bravery and commitment of local and international humanitarian workers, particularly local NGOs and Emergency Response Rooms.
Substantial contributions from the EU and its Member States represented a third of the total humanitarian response in 2023.
The EU will do its utmost, in working with international mechanisms, so that all responsible actors are identified and held accountable for the atrocities, they have committed and continue to commit.
The EU adopted a first set of restrictive measures and is ready to continue to use its tools in order to contribute to end the armed conflict, discourage obstruction of humanitarian assistance and halt the culture of impunity.
The EU calls again on all states that are supplying arms and funds to the belligerents to cease their support immediately.
The people of Sudan deserve freedom, peace and justice, which they have been aspiring to since their Revolution began in 2019.
The EU reaffirms its steadfast support and solidarity with the Sudanese people in view of a better future. (end) hts.mb