WAHSINGTON, April 4 (KUNA) - White House National Security Council communications adviser John Kirby affirmed that the US will not conduct an independent investigation on the Israeli occupation's strike that claimed the lives of seven aid workers in Gaza including a US-Canadian dual national.
Kirby told the press that there are no plans to start an independent investigation and that the administration will wait for results of the Israeli occupations' investigation into the deaths of the aid workers from the World Central Kitchen Organization.
If accountability needs to be observed, then it should be for people who may have acted here inappropriately, added Kirby, and so the investigation must play out.
He continued that the administration made their outrage on this operation clear to the government of the Israeli occupation, as well as their deep concern.
According to the UN, the Israeli occupation have killed about 200 aid work since its start on Gaza Strip, and continues to obstruct the humanitarian aid despite the deterioration in the Strip, amidst international concern of mass starvation. (end) osj.seo