CAIRO, April 2 (KUNA) -- The Arab League expressed, Tuesday, its hope in France's proposal of a draft United Nations Security Council resolution that seeks options for a possible ceasefire in Gaza, ushering in the possibility of recognizing the State of Palestine. This came in a press statement by Arab League Assistant Secretary-General Ambassador Hossam Zaki, where he affirmed the League is following up with and monitoring this proposal in New York. The proposal is an indication of a shift happening currently in regards to the Palestinian issue, it not only focuses on a ceasefire, but a possibility of a recognized sovereign Palestine in the United Nations (UN), added Zaki.
Though the draft proposal points toward possible positive outcomes, a United States "veto" is still possibility that could hinder the progress made thus far, Zaki said. Nevertheless, Zaki reiterated the importance of viewing the draft proposal as a progressive step for the Palestinian cause.
He warned about the Israeli occupation's near siege of Rafah City in Gaza, explaining that Egypt had expressed its disdain by the Israeli occupation forces' continuous encroachment near the borders.
Israeli occupation's bombardment of Rafah City could have dire consequences to the Israeli-Egyptian relationship, where the two have shares 45 years of peace, Zaki cautioned. Meanwhile, Zaki claimed that after forming a new technocratic Palestinian government, Palestine would have the ability to exercise its full rights as a sovereign state and look into Palestinian state issues. Zaki said that when Gaza becomes free from military involvement, there must exist an agreement determining the responsibilities of keeping public order. The involvement of Arab or global forces in Gaza, could only occur under the pretense of the safety of the Palestinians, accentuating their hope for an achievable freedom, Zaki added. (end)