DOHA, April 2 (KUNA) -- Al-Jazeera Media Network (AJMN) denounced, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statements on terminating the news channel, accusing it of harming the Israeli occupation's security.
Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported, Tuesday, Al-Jazeera stating, "Netanyahu could not find any justifications to offer the world for his ongoing attacks on Al-Jazeera and press freedom except to present new lies and inflammatory slanders." Netanyahu's statements came "as part of a series of systematic Israeli attacks to silence Al-Jazeera," elaborated QNA.
Al-Jazeera reiterated "slanderous accusations will not deter [Al-Jazeera] from continuing its professional coverage, adding that it reserves the right to pursue every legal step," holding Netanyahu responsible for the safety of its staff and Network premises around the world," added QNA. The Israeli occupation's parliament (Knesset) voted, Monday, in favor of a law giving Netanyahu the authority to close foreign networks operating in "Israel" if it believes they pose harm to its security, Al-Jazeera being on top.
The law passed on Monday by 70 votes to 10, providing Netanyahu the authority to ban the targeted Al-Jazeera channel broadcast, leading to the closure of its offices in "Israel." Late on Monday, the White House reacted to the recent passing of this law labeling it as "concerning" and that it impedes on the critical nature of freedom of the press. (end)