By Amna Al-Shemmeri KUWAIT, April 2 (KUNA) -- Experts believe that parliamentary nominees should consider dedicating concern to body language, their charisma and the rhetoric to enhance their chances of winning the electorate's minds and hearts.
Dr. Khaled Al-Qahs, a media professor at Kuwait University, said in an interview with KUNA that body language entails facial expressions such as grief and joy, anger and surprise, while the hand movement may affirm the rhetoric in addition to various other signals such as salute.
As to the eyes, they mirror concern and concentration. Head movements such as nodding and rejection also emit messages, he said, affirming that body language in general is helpful to send the hopeful message clearly to the audience.
CHarisma is a synonym to attraction, acceptance and influence and these are traits that must be enjoyed by people who deal with public affairs or those who need to invoke confidence and persuade others.
As to the media rhetoric during the elections, Dr. Al-Qhs said it has found new realms, such as online messages and podcast interviews.
However, he called on the hopefuls to address their supporters at the electoral headquarters and the diwaniahs, with emphasis on wide masses ahead of the electoral silence.
Dr. Bassam Al-Jassaf, a media figure, said among the body language skills of the candidate are visual communication, restraining sentiments of agitation, standing postures, affirming the necessity of the charisma that manifests self-confidence, leadership's personality, the capability of listening and communicating, sincerity, transparency, competition, inspiration, and calm voice.
Dr. Leila Shahrour, a former adviser to the minister of information, said the body language accounts for 93 percent of the address component, adding that physical status constitutes 55 percent and the voice 38 percent.
The candidate's voice, way of talking, visual communication, and physical stature are all basic factors that contribute to forming an impression about him (or her). (end) as.rk