By Mubarak Al-Enezi KUWAIT, April 1 (KUNA) -- Electoral silence for the 2024 National Assembly elections begins April 3, Wednesday, at 12:00 pm and ends on April 4, Election Day, said the Ministry of Information Monday.
In a statement to KUNA, acting undersecretary for press and publications Lafi Al-Subaie said that according to article 22nd of the election law No.4, 2024, the electoral silence would begin for a period of 24 hours, meaning that programs, interviews, reports, polls and other materials pertaining to the election would not be broadcasted.
The media message would be dedicated to only encouraging citizens to cast their vote during election, providing information in regards to where to vote, he added.
He pointed out that the reason behind the electoral silence was to provide voters with a breather and chance to choose their candidates for the National, affirming that the Ministry of Information was keen on the success of the democratic process. (end) mdm.gta