Interview by Fawaz Al-Otaibi

BEIRUT, Feb 22 (KUNA) -- Lebanese Caretaker Minister of Youth and Sports George Kallas affirmed that the activities of "Beirut Capital of Arab Youth 2023" is a main factor in building bridges between generations, civilizations, cultures, and Arab societies throughout the year.
In an interview with KUNA, Kallas said that choosing Beirut as the capital of Arab youth reflects Lebanon's position with Arabs, noting that his country succeeded in bringing 16 Arabs countries to interact in this event with the support of the Arab League.
He added that the idea of "Arab Capitals for Youth" was launched in 2015 by the Council of Arab Ministers for Youth and Sports, to constitute this important annual Arab event, which was previously hosted in Manama, Rabat, Kuwait, Cairo, Tunisia, Baghdad and currently Beirut.
Kallas stated that the first activity of Beirut as the Arab youth capital in 2023 was through the Arab Youth Forum for Economic and Social Empowerment, which coincided with the opening ceremony with 16 countries participating.
He pointed that Beirut held touristic activites last September, including 'Discover Lebanon' and 'Youth Tourism', as well as the Arab Scout Camp in Tripoli, with the participation of nine countries.
He continued that the ongoing war in Gaza and its repercussions in southern Lebanon led to pausing several activities during the months that followed Al-Aqsa flood operation last October.
Kallas said that the closing ceremony will be held on March 7th, where they will be announcing the winners of Beirut Volunteering Award, noting that it received 81 initiatives from 12 Arab countries, of which the jury selected 13 initiatives and the first three will be announced.
The Lebanese minister of youth and sports stressed the importance of holding the event of Arab Youth Capitals annually by the Arab League since it strengthens the relationship between the Arab youth.
He concluded by emphasizing the importance of the strong historical relations between Lebanon and Kuwait since the beginning of the last century. (end) fz.ahm