JEDDAH, Feb 21 (KUNA) -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates tomorrow (Thursday) the founding day of the first Saudi state which was established on February 22, 1727, by Mohammad bin Saud in Diriyah.
In January 2022, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud issued a royal order to recognize February 22 of each year as a public holiday for Saudi Arabia's Founding Day anniversary.
The establishment of the first Saudi state is one of the greatest events in the modern history of the Arabian Peninsula, as it made Saudi Arabia one of the first countries that unified its regions, thus forming a political entity based on unity, stability and prosperity.
When Mohammad bin Saud came to power, he worked to establish unity in the state, secure stability and security within and around it, protect pilgrimage and trade routes, and regulate the economic conditions of the state.
The celebration of the Founding Day reflects pride in the country's glories, history, national unity, cultural heritage and the close links between the political leaders and Saudi citizens.
The Kingdom is currently witnessing great leaps of developments in all fields to draw its features and lay the foundations of its political, economic and cultural positions worldwide in line with the Kingdom's ambitious 2030 Vision. (end) fn.dss