RIYADH, Feb 12 (KUNA) -- The International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) took place in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on Monday, with the participation of Kuwait Business Council in Dubai (KBC).
The representative of the KBC in the IPTC, Feras Al-Salem, told KUNA that the conference's patron was Prince Saud bin Nayef and was attended by the Minster of Energy Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman.
Al-Salem mentioned that the Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC), in collaboration with the University of UAE, delivered numerous studies and viable solutions for promoting sustainability in the Kuwaiti oil sector, during the 2024 conference.
He added that the partnership between KBC and JOGMEC focused on addressing key issues related to challenges in petroleum waste and manufacturing.
The primary concern was the surplus water generated during oil and gas production, emphasizing that this economic dilemma is shared by all oil producing nations.
The KBC also cooperated with other international agencies to further study the technical and financial feasibility of these solutions hoping of implementing them in service of Kuwait, he concluded. (end) kns.dm