DUBAI, Feb 12 (KUNA) -- Chairman of the World Governments Summit (WGS) Mohammad Al-Gergawi said on Monday that 50 percent of global growth comes from China and India and that those countries would shape the future of global economic growth.
Al-Gergawi added during the opening speech of the WGS 2024 in Dubai that the global economy compass point to China and India, the rest of Asia-Pacific region would contribute up to 25 percent of global growth, meaning that more than 70 percent of global economic growth will come from the East, questioning how can humanity cooperate to benefit from this rising global economic engine.
The summit, which began today, focused on opportunities and vast areas of growth and development as governments always need a pause to arrange their priorities and direct their energies towards building a better future for the upcoming generations.
The participants of the summit included 85 important international organization, 120 governments, more than 25 heads of state and government, 700 heads of major international companies and more than 4,000 specialists and officials.
Al-Gergawi reviewed four indicators of positives the world experiences today, the first of which is the doubling of human life and health, as human lifespan has doubled in the last 200 years.
The second indicator was the continuous decline in poverty, the number of poor countries has shrunk by half in just 20 years, and poverty rates have been reduced by 50 percent in 25 other countries.
The third of indicator was the large breakthrough of knowledge, where 120,000 new books get published every month and 6 million articles are posted on blogs daily, illiteracy has been eradicated in 86 percent of people, and the world has registered 33 million patents within one decade, and education has become transcontinental, regardless of age and time.
The fourth indicator was the easy interconnection and ability to travel, the creation of hundreds of millions of new jobs and connected millions of people to each other, as the size of the global logistics sector has reached about eight trillion dollars.
Al Gergawi expressed his hope that The WGS would achieve exceptional success in creating new priorities for governments and redirect the world's attention towards new and great opportunities that benefit everyone.
His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah received a letter that included an invitation to attend the summit from the UAE's Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Maktoum.
Kuwait News Agency was represented by Director General Dr. Fatma Al-Salem.
The summit represents a valuable opportunity for the region to explore future opportunities, stay up to date and catch up with global developments in various sectors, and reduce the gap with the world in vital fields, especially the scientific and technological fields. (end) skm.dss