BAGHDAD, Jan 16 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Tuesday recalled the Iraqi ambassador to Iran Nasir Abdulmohsen for consultation against backdrop of "Iranian bombardment" that targeted northern city of Irbil.
The ministry said in a statement that the envoy was called back against the background of the "latest Iranian attacks" on Irbil where a number of people were killed and wounded.
The ministry said that it had also summoned the Iranian charge d'affaires in Baghdad, Abulfadhel Azizi, lodging with him a complaint, "expressing strong condemnation of the attack that targeted Irbil." "This offensive is a flagrant violation of the Republic of Iraq's sovereignty and starkly contradicts principles of good neighborliness and the international law and threatens security of the region," it said.
Irbil was targeted, last on Monday, with a salvo of missiles, explosion of which left a number of people dead and wounded. (end) ahh.rk